Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Six Six Hicks

Welcome to Six Six Hicks, a blog devoted to the Dallas Stars as written by a lifelong fan of the team and recently converted fan of Liverpool FC. As that sentence alone might suggest, I've had my share of experience supporting Tom Hicks-owned  ruined teams, hence the title of the site (which, due to publicity and likely legal reasons, might need a change or two after today).

We (read: "I") here at SSH strive to give you a unique (read: "semi-hilarious") look into the stories surrounding Dallas' fourth favorite (and now tied for second most successful) sports team. This will include draft buzz, free agency buzz, post-game buzz, and that buzz you get in your ear shortly after reading something that makes you want to punch through a wall.

From time to time we'll get special insight from observers outside of this dark and lonely corner of the blogosphere, bringing you a brief respite from the normal bevy of bad jokes and probably-wrong assessments of the Stars.

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