Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Worst Summer of Our Lives

Now that we're back from our nearly 3 month hiatus (read: lazy break), we feel as though it's a good time to turn off the abrasive lightheartedness and acknowledge the tragic losses the hockey community has suffered this summer.

Three tough guys losing their lives far before their time and just a few days ago an entire team of players being suddenly taken from us.

There really aren't any words to describe it. Hopefully the rest of the hockey world will band together and play their hearts out in honor of those who can't anymore this year.

We leave you with a couple of links that really pulled at our heartstrings.
Dinamo Minsk's touching tribute to Lokomotiv Yaroslavl
An absolutely gutwrenching story about the Skrastins family

(On that last one, unfortunately the author had to remove the story out of respect for the family. The comments still pay tribute to Skrastins, though.)

BREAKING: Stars Sale Imminent

According to news from Dallas Stars employees (read: workers from the warehouse in the team store in Frisco), the sale of the Dallas Stars to an as of yet unknown party is going to happen "very very soon".

"We had a meeting that we're getting paid tomorrow because the club is declaring bankruptcy and freezing accounts tomorrow," says the source. "This is so the new owners won't take on our debt and shit. Basically we're being sold very very soon, things are going to court to finalize stuff."

UPDATE 1: Our anonymous source, who will henceforth be called "Rimjob" a la Woodward and Bernstein, has told us that his boss' superior held the meeting earlier today with 7 other employees from the merchandise department.

UPDATE 2: For those who are calling BS, and there are a few of you, consider it like this: If they freeze the accounts and declare bankruptcy tomorrow and the sale doesn't come within the month, it means that every person that works in the Starcenters, from the shop workers to the zamboni drivers, are not going to get paid what they are owed on the 30th.

I'm not an expert on bankruptcy law, but I'm pretty sure that not paying the people who work for you is illegal.

More details to come as they emerge